Innovative Mindset: Super Performer Make the Difference

Sonnenhut ist eine Heilpflanze.

We know the people with ‚fixed mindset‘ and ‚growth mindset‘. Very few super performers have an ‚innovative mindset‘. We made research on over 100 innovative super performers in business and academia. What makes the difference? How can we become an innovative super performer?

How to Spend Time

The average people with a fixed mindset watch soaps on TV, scroll endless on TikTok and are fixed on unsocial media. People with a growth mindset read and learn daily. Innovative super performer read, watch podcasts like „Lex Fridman“ or „HubermanLab“. Innovative super performer think and refelct a lot and they create. They build.

Innovative Mindset and Setting Goals

Many people need other people to give them purpose and to tell what needs to be done. People with a growth mindset set the own goals. But people with an innovative mindset set long-term goals. They have their own mission and know what they are living for. They are able to overcome setbecks.

Social Interaction and Innovative Mindset

The fixed mindset people criticize a lot. They are often poor because they stuck in problems and do not know how to deal with them. Wealthy people with a growth mindset are able to see the good sides as well, and they are able to make compliments and grow together. Innovative super performers make compliments too, but they are also able to spark constructive innovative ideas to perform better.

Average people cannot forgive. People with a growth mindset can forgive others. But the innovative super performers can forgive others and themselves as well. They know that they are worth it. They respect and love themselves and others in a way it is good for themselves and for the social interaction.

Innovative Mindset: We are the Change

Average people think there is just one pie, and they are protecting their own piece of that pie. People with a fixed mindset fear the change. They flee from reality, they freeze and stuck, or they fight the new. They have nothing to talk about but to talk about other people. For those people is lack of knowledge is lack of power is lack of happiness.

Wealthy people embrace change. They are able to go with the time. People with a growth mindset talk about ideas. They know that they are able to grow the existing pie.

Innovative super performer make the difference. They are the change. They make the change happen they want to see. People with an innovative mindset bake their own pie.

Innovative super performer do have existential fears and feel „narcissistic terror„, but they make the needed innovation happen.

Innovative Mindset is not a state. It is a way to think and to behave.

The difference between
who we are
and who we become
what we do.

To become an innovative super performer is so simple. But it is not easy.